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Current Prayer Request


Recently had back surgery and is recovery from that. A young man with a very young family. Keep them all in your prayers.


Recently lost her husband to cancer and now battling her own form of that terrible disease. Lift her up today and ask for strength for the struggle ahead.


An elderly man of God who has spent a majority of his life preaching the Gospel. Now in his sunset years afflicted by dementia/Alzheimers. Please pray for clarity of mind.

Baby Roman

This newborn was actually born with portions of the skull missing. It has been a struggle but Roman is a fighter. Please pray for direction for those providing health care.

Baby Silas

Unknown health issues but in the hospital in what doctors describe as serious condition.


This is the Sister of the station owner. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in her life. Please pray for her recovery and that she beats this thing for good.

Pastor Steve Robinette

Pastor Steve recently suffered a burst eardrum. This week he is to undergo surgery to try to repair the damage that has been done. Lift him up in prayer.

Greg and Debbie

Going through a financial valley right now and both in need of help. Greg is unemployed and Debbie has a disability that prevents her from standing while at work.

Sister Ann

Having major issues with her heart. Undergoing heart surgery on the 23rd to replace a valve

Edna Bailey

Recovery from recent back surgery and facing some unexpected side effects. The elderly mother of the station owners wife, Edna is a strong Christian woman. Prayers please.

Barbara & Tommy

Two very dear friends of ours who are both going through physical challenges to their health. Good strong Christian people who love God and serve him well.